About us

Romanian Chamber of Patent Attorneys (CNCPIR) is a professional non-governmental organization, whose activity is governed according to Government Ordinance 66/2000 as republished pursuant to art. II of the Law No. 331/2006.
It came into force on 23 September 2000 and it is the only organization of its kind in Romania.

CNCPIR is affiliated since 2014 to ANIPA.

Main functions of Romanian Chamber:
– Promotes the rights and interests of its members, protects professional honour, liberty independence of the attorneys and ensures that its members respect their obligations;
– Ensures the right to practice the profession of industrial property attorney
– Establishes the Statutes and the Deontological Codes of the profession and ensures that said are respected.
– Takes measures in case the profession of industrial property attorney is practiced illegally;
– Maintains the Registrar of industrial property Attorneys and communicates same to Romanian Patent Office for publication.
– Issues Authorizations for practice of its members;
– Promotes and aids professional education of its members;
– Cooperates with Romanian Patent Office mainly regarding professional training and for the organization of the exam and regarding dissemination of the applicable legislation in the field of industrial property.
– Cooperates with Romanian Patent Office, other national and international organizations in the field of industrial property and with other sister organizations from other countries.



Phone: +40 31 437 02 14 / +40 721 231 743
Fax: +40 31 437 02 15
Email: office@cncpir.ro